Symposium Program

Thursday 13th December

12pm: Introduction and Overview of COMBINE

  • 12.15: Nevena Todorova – HIV1-TAT peptide modified nanoparticles: when less is more!
  • 12.35: Chen Li – Structural capacitance in protein evolution and human diseases.
  • 12.55: Adam Makarucha – Interactions of carbon nanomaterials with amyloidogenic peptides: insights from multiscale theoretical simulations.

1.15pm: Tea break

  • 1.30: Daniel Brown – The transcriptome of glioma initiating cells.
  • 1.50: Kaavya Mohanasundaram – Identification of functional phenotypic SNPs – a pilot study of lamin-A mutations
  • 2.10: Mani Grover – Association of detailed drug data with predicted candidate genes in Gentrepid.

2.30pm – Closing Words and Awards
3.00pm – Drinks and Refreshments at the Prince Alfred Hotel

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