Monthly Bioinformatics Lecture Series

A monthly series of casual lectures, designed to bring together students and researchers to hear from some of Australia’s top bioinformaticians about the different challenges and techniques for the many diverse areas in bioinformatics.

While regular bioinformatics lecture series do exist within many of the research institutes around Australia, they often require a high level of background knowledge. Lectures from university classes are more accessible but may not be up to date with the latest findings of a given topic and are not always accessible to research students or those without knowledge of a given sub-field.

This lecture aims to provide a broad introduction into a given bioinformatics field, give an overview over current challenges in this area as well as details into the speaker’s own work. The speakers will also provide some information about the institute they’ve come from in order to provide students with more information about the different focuses of local research facilities.

Drinks and canapes will be offered following the event giving you the chance to network with fellow students and other researchers

Series for 2012:
September  – Dr. Tom Conway, NICTA – Alignment Free Methods For Sequence Comparison
October – Dr. Michael J. Kuiper – “How to Freeze Your Computer”
November – TBC
December – TBC

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