Statistics Resources

Location Resource Description
Online PennState Online Notes Comprehensive statistics notes
Online Coursera Data Science Intro to R for statistics
Online “Statistics Rethinking” by Richard McElreath With examples in R
Melbourne Research Platforms Services Not statistics, but some data science programming
Online Statistical Genetics Run by David Balding (unimelb) maybe we could convince him to help us run some online discussions to get through the content? (I have access to the content and it looks pretty good!)
Tasmania DataTas Community run, some workshops
Tasmania Data Science Hobart
Weekly meetup Friday 9:15am-10:30am (Institute for Marine and Antarctic Science) (Covers some statistics)
Tasmania Graduate Certificate Courses There are various graduate certificate courses in R/Statistics offered by UTAS
Perth (2018) BioInfoSummer Annual AMSI BioInfoSummer covers the occasional statistics
National Statistical Sociaty of Australia
Perth Various short courses UWA offers various short courses in R/Statistics
Sydney Hacky Hour While not specifically stats, many of the mentors look like they have been trained in stats
Sydney Statistical Bioinformatics Seminar Weekly
Sydney Sydney Informatics Hub Training They host regular training sessions, sometimes statistics
Sydney Statistics Consulting Free for students of the uni, just need to fill out the form
Online Online learning resource Online lessons for data science/statistics/programming
Syndey Workshops Run by university of Sydney research group
Melbourne Melbourne Statistical Consulting Platform Seems to be only for Melbourne Graduate students
Melbourne WEHI/MIG Seminars
Queensland Hacky Hour QCIF organises this across multiple universities in Queensland, for free (just not stats specific)
Queensland QFAB Workshops QFAB runs (paid) workshops which often covers statistical genomics etc.
Queensland Statistics Consulting Free to university students, provided by QFAB
Queensland Workshops Free to Griffith university students
Queensland Workshops Graduate school workshops for students of UQ
Queensland Statistical advisor Assumed to be free, for UQ students
Queensland Statistical support Statistical support for students at USQ
Queensland “StatsHelp” Program Free to graduate students at JCU
Online Linear models in R by Paul Harrison Free and open source