Events process

This page describes the process for organising a COMBINE event. We encourage anyone in the Australian bioinformatics and computational biology student community to consider organising a COMBINE event. If you have any idea you would like to discuss please contact us at

Key steps for organisers

  1. Submit an event request form
  2. Submit a budget request form (if required)
  3. Wait to be notified of approval
  4. Hold the planned event
  5. Submit an event report


Process flowchart

This flowchart illustrates the steps involved in organising an event and the tasks that need to be completed by the organisers, the COMBINE executive and the ABACBS committee. This example includes all steps including submitting a budget and setting up a paid registration page. Smaller events may not require all steps to be completed. In particular, if COMBINE funds are not required the steps related to budgets may be skipped and the timeline can be much quicker.

Events process flowchart


  • Organisers should not make any purchases until a budget is confirmed. Bookings may be made as long as they are non-binding.
  • If this is a recurring event the organisers have run before the may start at the EVENT REQUEST step.
  • In this case the budget request form can be submitted at the same time as the event request form.
  • All advertising should be done through the COMBINE Media Comms team. Once an event has been advertised through official channels organisers are free to spread the word.
  • If an event requires paid registrations this must be set up by ABACBS. Unpaid registrations should use a Google form in the event folder.
  • Each event will be allocated an ID. For workshops these take the form WKSYYNN (eg. WKS1801) and for other events they take the form EVNYYNN (eg. EVN1801).
  • Each event will be allocated a Google drive folder. All documents related to organising the event should be placed in this folder.
  • Use a sign-in sheet at events to record who attended and their student/ABACBS member status.