Bash/Unix Workshop in Melbourne/Parkville

We are offering a one-day Introduction to Bash/Unix Workshop in Melbourne/Parkville.

The workshop will teach you fundamentals of working in a command line environment, for example a HPC cluster, or just be faster and more efficient with your personal system.

You will learn how to navigate and find things in command line and then string everything together into a workflow script.

The workshop is aimed at people of all trades, as a way of learning what you can do in your shell, and avoid pitfalls, while doing so.

There will be NO catering.

Please bring along your Mac or a laptop with Linux installed.


  • Computer with unix system
  • If you bring a Mac, please install the newest version of Bash

Registrations are now available here!


  • What: Unix Workshop Melbourne
  • Date: 13th August
  • Close registration: 12th August 5pm
  • Venue: Petermac Level 13 Board room
  • Capacity limit: 20
  • Cost: $0

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