Welcome a new COMBINE President

Dear COMBINE community

I am writing to let you all know that I am standing down as COMBINE President. I had initially planned to take on another role on the committee in 2019 but as we had a large turnover in members this year I remained in the role to help get the new committee set up. Now that everything is up and running (and I am technically no longer a student) I have handed to role over to our treasurer Emma Darling who will act as President for the remainder of 2019. Emma has a wealth of experience in leading other student groups and is already doing a fantastic job. I will remain on the committee for the rest of the year to answer any questions and help out with managing the COMBINE finances.

During my time as president I focused on building a structure and processes that I hope will allow COMBINE to continue to grow and be sustainable into the future. This includes setting up a proper organisational bank account, developing an official process for organising events and updating our terms of reference with ABACBS. I also developed the first COMBINE National Survey to help us better understand the bioinformatics student computer and how best to support you. While we may not have been able to put together as many events as I would have liked I hope we are now in a position for that to be easier for future committees. Keep an eye out for events in your region in the next couple of months and details of the symposium in Sydney in November.

I want to finish by thanking everyone I have worked with (and continue to work with) during my involvement with COMBINE, as well as everyone who came before me. This includes the members of the COMBINE committee, the symposium committee and everyone else who has helped out with an event. It is been great to get to know you all and you have all made a big contribution to the experience of students around the country. In particular I would like to single out Leah Roberts who has been involved with COMBINE in many roles over the last few years, including her current role as ABACBS student representative. Without Leah COMBINE would not have been the success it has been over that time.

As diverse student community from a variety of backgrounds that can often be working in isolation I believe we are lucky to have an organisation like COMBINE to bring us together. This is only possible because of a lot of effort put in by volunteers and can only be maintained if people continue to contribute. Please contribute to the community in any way you can, whether that is nominating for a committee position, organising an event or just completing a survey or replying to a post on Slack. However small every contribution helps to build the community and you will be rewarded for it.

Best of luck to everyone as you complete your studies and see you at the next COMBINE event!

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