Announcing the 2019 COMBINE committee!

Thank you to everyone who nominated for a COMBINE position in 2019. We received more nominations than ever before and I am looking forward to an exciting year ahead. In 2019 the COMBINE general committee will consist of:

Acting President: Luke Zappia
Secretary: Holly Whitfield
Treasurer: Emma Darling
ABACBS Student Representative: Leah Roberts:
Training and Events: Roni Froumine, Toan Phung, Ilariya Tarasova
Media and Communications: Ning Liu, Rhys White, Jinxin Zhao
Symposium: Katarina Stuart, Yingxin Lin

I will temporarily be staying on in the President role for the next few months as the new committee finds it’s feet then I will hand over to somebody else sometime in the first half of next year and take up another position on the committee. We will also be joined by our local representatives for 2019:

New South Wales
Lismore: Liliana Andres Hernandez
Sydney:  Mengbo Li
Wollongong: Huaming Chen

Geelong: Samuel Lee
Melbourne (The University of Melbourne): Sebastian Hollizeck
Melbourne (Monash University): Feng Yan,  Emma Gail

Western Australia
Perth: Su Chen Lim, Robyn Anderson

It is great to have representatives across the country, particularly from more regional areas, but we currently don’t have local representatives for Queensland, South Australia or Tasmania. If your area is not currently represented we would love to have you involved so please consider contacting us about becoming a local representative.

Finally, I want to give a big thanks to the outgoing 2018 committee. It has been fantastic working with you this year and I hope you are proud of what we accomplished. In particular, I want to mention Klay Saunders who has been involved with COMBINE for several years including serving as Treasurer for the past two and chairing the 2017 symposium committee. A big shout out also to Lucy Liu who did a fantastic group organising this year’s symposium in Melbourne (along with Owen Qin).

Enjoy the holiday period and I look forward to seeing you at a COMBINE event in 2019!

Luke Zappia
COMBINE President


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