Bioconda and Galaxy workshops in Melbourne


  1. Packaging your bioinformatics tool with Bioconda and Galaxy
  2. Developing bioinformatics training materials

We are pleased to tell you that Saskia Hiltemann (Erasmus University, The Netherlands) and Eric Rasche (Freiburg University, Germany) have been invited by Melbourne Bioinformatics to run two Bioconda and Galaxy training events to help build Australia’s capability in computational biomedical research, and encourage contributions to these great community projects.

Conda is an open source package management system that makes bioinformatics software installation much easier and improves analysis reproducibility. By adding your own tool to the Bioconda ecosystem, it becomes widely available as an installable tool package for various operating systems and hardware that is stored in a fully-supported, global repository of bioinformatics tools.

Galaxy is an open, web-based platform for accessible, reproducible, and transparent computational biomedical research. There is a vibrant and active community of contributors around the world, and members of the Galaxy Training Network are responsible for generating, curating, and maintaining a large repository.

The first workshop, on 18-19 January, will guide participants in how to put their own bioinformatics tool into Bioconda and make a tool wrapper for Galaxy, in the format of a workshop/ hackathon:

Then, on 22-23 January, they will provide an introduction to the Galaxy training network repository containing bioinformatics training materials, and lead hands-on development of training materials and Galaxy Tours:

Please sign up to one or both activities if they are of interest.

What: Melbourne Bioinformatics Bioconda and Galaxy workshops
When: January 2018
Where: University of Melbourne, Parkville, VIC 3010

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