Long-read data analysis workshop

Bioplatforms Australia, in conjunction with the Ramaciotti Centre for Genomics, Melbourne Bioinformatics and CSIRO, are running a long-read data analysis workshop in July in Sydney.

The two-day workshop aims to introduce attendees to genome assembly using long-read data. As part of this workshop participants will perform a hands-on comparison between short and long-read microbial genome assemblies.

Topics covered by this workshop include:

  • Introduction to long-read sequencing
  • Practical considerations when performing long-read sequencing and analysis
  • Introduction to the command line interface and NGS file formats
  • Short and long-read de novo genome assembly (microbial)
  • Comparison between short and long-read assemblies

For more details and registration head to http://www.bioplatforms.com/longread-syd-2017/.

What: Long-read data analysis workshop
When: 18-19 July, 2017
Where: University of NSW, Kensington Sydney NSW 2052

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