Unimelb ResBaz events – Res.Search and Datastory

The Research Bazaar (ResBaz) at The University of Melbourne are running two new exciting events over the month of July: Res.Search and Datastory.


Res.Search is a month-long event starting 19 June (one night per week for four weeks), where each week you will be introduced to a different aspect of data research: data cleaning, data processing, visualisation and research communication. During the event you will conduct research in a diverse team, working on openly available data sets. The event will culminate with a public presentation moderated by a panel of judges. For more information see http://go.unimelb.edu.au/gex6.



Data Storytelling is a two-day (3-4 July) interactive event focused entirely on telling interesting stories with data.

Data Storytelling for Researchers will comprise four streams, each with a focus on different methods of narrativization using different digital tools:

  • Displaying Data Divinely: Archiving and Online Exhibits

  • Digital Archives of 3D Objects

  • Textual Analysis of Social Media Data

  • Analysis and Visualisation of Public Databases

For details go to  http://go.unimelb.edu.au/b366.

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