Bioplatforms Australia: RNA-Seq Data Analysis With R, 19-21st April 2017, Sydney

The RNA-Seq Data Analysis With R workshop will introduce attendees to the R software environment and the specific skills and applications used in R-based RNA-Seq data analysis.

During this course you will learn:

  • Upload and process data in R to generate plots, figures and tables
  • Create and run functions in R
  • Create reports interactively in R
  • Write your own R script for data processing
  • Import RNA-Seq data to R as data objects
  • Carry out standard QC tests
  • Use the limma-voom R package to produce lists of differentially expressed genes between pairs of samples
  • Identify over-represented gene ontology categories in gene lists using the GOStats package

This workshop has been designed for life scientists who have specific interests in RNA-Seq data analysis in R. The workshop assumes that attendees have a general understanding of NGS technology. The workshop will include an introduction to R and as such no prior experience with the command line is required.

Preference will be given to medical researchers from NSW and ACT based organisations.

Dr Xin-Yi Chua (Head of Informatics, QFAB Bioinformatics) will be the trainer for this workshop.

This workshop will run over 2.5 days and will be delivered using a mixture of lectures, hands-on practical sessions, and open discussions. For draft timetable please click here.

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