The Bioinformatics Peer Prize 2017

In partnership with the Centre for Systems Genomics at the University of Melbourne, The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University & Melbourne Bioinformatics, Thinkable is excited to launch the inaugural ‘Peer Prize’ for bioinformatics. The objective is to accelerate wider knowledge exchange & drive multi-disciplinary collaboration with the latest bioinformatics research from around the world, while celebrating the most exciting new discoveries made in the field as voted by peers.

Total prize money: $2000

Who can apply?

Entrants can come from across the world. However, you must have published a paper in the field of bioinformatics between January 1st – March 31st 2017 (either an BioarXiv pre-print or e-publication). Each paper is only eligible once (i.e. If the Epub/pre-print ahead of print date is selected then the same paper is not also eligible for consideration in a subsequent prize later in the year).

How to Apply? 

Simply share a wider/non-jargon summary about your research paper, its implications & add a DOI or BioArxiv link so anyone can access your paper to learn more. Co-authors are eligible to apply on behalf of a team, but must seek approval from co-authors first. For the student category, entrants must have been a student at the time of publication and a first author of the paper.

You have the option to upload a summary video about the research, which has been show to drive wider engagement, use & citations for research. If you would like to create a video, check out this guide for hints or watch the hundreds of other research videos in other Thinkable competitions.

See more information here:

Entries close April 30th, 12pm. 

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