Goodbye, but welcome to the 2017 committee!

It is with sadness that I announce the end of my reign as President of COMBINE, however I am happy to be passing the baton on to the new committee for 2017.

I have been fortunate to have worked with a fantastic committee during 2016. Without my trusty Vice-President Leah Roberts, who was always on hand to take over when I couldn’t be there, I don’t think we could have had such a successful year. Leah took on the massive task, along with Paula Andrea, of coordinating the 2016 COMBINE Symposium in Brisbane, which for the first time was run alongside the ABACBS Conference. Stephen Watts did a fantastic job as Treasurer, including assisting with funds for our four AGTA Workshops, one in Darwin, one in Hobart, and two in Perth. Claire Gorrie and Andrew Pattinson did a wonderful job running Media and Comms, religiously tweeting from any events we attended. Finally, I would like to thank Sepideh Foroutan, who coordinated our training in 2016, and was the student voice on the ABACBS Education sub-committee.

Of course I would also like to than the most recent COMBINE ex-president, Harriet Dashnow, who, like her counterpart, Andrew Lonsdale, has hands in every part of COMBINE. She has been incredibly supportive of my presidency, and has always been around to provide advice when I needed it. I am very happy that she is staying on as the ABACBS student rep for next year’s committee.

There are many exciting things already planned for this year, including the annual COMBINE Student Symposium in Adelaide, as well as plenty of seminars, workshops and social events around the country. Stay tuned for more COMBINE!

I have had an exceptional time as Treasurer and then President of COMBINE these past two years. Now that I’ve finished my PhD, I’m glad to be handing over the reins to a brand new committee for 2017.

President: Leah Roberts

Secretary/Vice-President: Zac Gerring

Treasurer: Klay Saunders

Media, Comms and Web team:

Luke Zappia 

Shila Ghazanfar

Glen van den Bergen 

Training coordination team:

Soroor Hediyeh-Zadeh

ABACBS Student Rep:

Harriet Dashnow




Jane Hawkey

(ex) President, COMBINE

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