GLBIO poster submission

Share your high quality, original research by submitting your poster at the Great Lakes Bioinformatics Conference at The University of Illinois from May 15th to 17th, 2017. Deadline is March 27th!

A wide definition and inclusion of bioinformatics/computational biology will be considered, and topics of interest include the following:

  • Algorithms & Machine Learning
  • Bioinformatics Education
  • Biostatistics
  • Cheminformatics
  • Clinical & Health Informatics
  • Data Science
  • Databases, Ontologies & Biocurtion
  • Disease Models & Molecular Medicine
  • Epidemiology & Biodiversity
  • Evolutionary & Comparative Genomics
  • Gene Regulation & Transcriptomics
  • Genome Informatics
  • Image Analysis
  • Metagenomics & Microbiome Informatics
  • Macromolecular Structure & Function
  • Network Biology
  • Phylogenetics/Phylogenomics
  • Proteomics & Metabolomics
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Synthetic Biology
  • Systems Modeling
  • Text Mining & Natural Language Processing
  • Visualization

More information at

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