R for Bioinformatics at Monash, February 7th, 8th, and 16th

Monash University are running a three day hands-on workshop with a focus on enabling researchers to be able to analyse RNASeq (next-gen sequencing) data. Each day is ticketed seperately so that participants can pick which workshops are most relevant to their interests. For R beginners, it is strongly recommended to attend the day 1 workshop as this will provide the foundation R skills needed in the later two workshops.

  • Day 1 will focus on an introduction to programming using the R language
  • Day 2 will focus on using this knowledge to perform bioinformatic data analysis of some RNASeq data
  • Day 3 will focus on advanced R topics such as best practices for reproducible research, “tidy” exploratory data analysis, working with genomic features and interactive data presentation.

The workshop will be taught in a similar style to Software Carpentry workshops.

For more information visit: http://monash-bioinformatics.squarespace.com/workshops/2017/1/24/february-2017-r-for-bioinformatics

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