RNAseq Analysis in R, Hobart – 24 Nov

RNAseq Analysis in R

Workshop date: 24th and 25th November 2016

Location: Rm 329, Maths & Physics Building, Sandy Bay Campus, University of Tasmania

Cost: $50 for students, and $60 for non-students

Registration: combine-australia.github.io/2016-11-24-RNAseq/ 

In this workshop, you will be learning how to analyse RNA-seq count data, using R. This will include reading the data into R, quality control and performing differential expression analysis and gene set testing, with a focus on the limma-voom analysis workflow. You will learn how to generate common plots for analysis and visualisation of gene expression data, such as boxplots and heatmaps. This workshop assumes familiarity with the R programming language.

You can access all the course content through the link and look over it prior to starting the workshop if you wish. If you are not familiar with the R statistical programming language we strongly encourage you to work through an introductory R course before you attend this workshop. We recommend the Software Carpentry R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis lessons up to and including vectorisation (topic 9) –  http://swcarpentry.github.io/r-novice-gapminder/.

You can find more information about the workshop content and what you will need to install before the workshop at:

Please email combine@combine.org.au if you have any questions.

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