Research Fellow Position – Uni of Edinburgh

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Bacterial GWAS and Evolutionary Genomics

Closing Date: 07 Oct 2016

A Post-doctoral fellowship is available in the Laboratory for Bacterial Evolution and Pathogenesis at The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh with Professor J. Ross Fitzgerald. The 4 year Wellcome Trust-funded project involves a large collaboration with scientists in the University of Edinburgh and Glasgow investigating the molecular basis of Staphylococcus aureus host-adaptation informing the identification of novel therapeutic targets. The successful candidate will have a computational biology background and will lead the analysis of whole genome sequences of hundreds of S. aureus isolates by genome-wide association and evolutionary genomic analysis to understand the genetic basis for S. aureus host-tropism and epidemic clone emergence. Importantly, the successful candidate will work closely with other scientists in the multi-disciplinary team working on immunology, bacterial genetics, and drug discovery to achieve the project objectives.

The candidate will have a PhD in bacterial genomics/computational biology and have broad experience of handling large numbers of bacterial genome sequences for comparative and evolutionary analyses. The Roslin Institute is a world-class centre for biomedical research of relevance to both animal and human health with a strong focus on infectious diseases and genomics. The Institute has access to state of the art research facilities for high-throughput sequencing, imaging and proteomics.  The project will involve close collaboration with colleagues in Glasgow and other research groups within Edinburgh Infectious Diseases in the University of Edinburgh.


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