Free 2 day beginner Python workshop this Wednesday!

Pre-PyCon Python Data Carpentry Workshop

Aug 10-11,2016

9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Lab 14, 700 Swanson St, Carlton


Beginner Python for Researchers

PyconAU2016 is in Melbourne this year and it’s coming up next weekend. As an added bonus, we’re running a free 2 day beginner Python workshop for everyone who’s ready to start programming.

Knowing a programming language is like having a super-power. You’ll get more done, more reliably, and you’ll finally understand what all your programming literate colleagues are talking about.

This workshop will focus on a Python library called Pandas which has great support for reading data files (including excel).

You’ll learn fundamental programming concepts like looping, conditionals and basic datatypes. We’ll show you how to design a script to load your research data, manipulate it into a useful dataset, do analysis and create beautiful visualisations for publication.

This is a hands-on workshop where you’ll write the code (bring your laptop!) and work on challenges so you’ll really understand how Python works and take it into your research straight away.

more info and sign up link

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