Data Carpentry at Charles Darwin University

This is a shortened version. For the full workshop recap by Paula Andrea click here

The COMBINE Data Carpentry R workshop at Charles Darwin University was filled with joy, enthusiastic attendees and extra degrees of warm.


This R data carpentry workshop was organised by COMBINE with help of local organisers mainly from the Menzies School of Health Research. It was capped for 30 people with a nominal fee to cover for catering ($50 AUD). Registration reached its limit 45 days before the workshop.

“It was definitely one of the best workshops I’ve taught at and participated of. Why was that? Well, because of the group. You guys made it work out by asking questions, by being creative with the answers to challenges and by sharing with your neighbours. In summary, by enthusiastically interacting, which is the essence of a Software/Data Carpentry workshop. Another thing I really appreciated of this group of people was the constant feedback. We had comments during the lesson, breaks, and after the workshop. This only showed how involved everyone was and how they were enjoying the new learning.”


Funding from the Australasian Genomic Technologies Association (AGTA) through a COMBINE workshop development scheme. To COMBINE former and current presidents: Harriet Dashnow and Jane Hawkey for setting this up, and Westa Domanova as co-instructor in this workshop. To Menzies School organiser and helper Ammar Aziz. To everyone who helped with organising locally Steve, Jess, Jess, Linda, Erin, Zuly and Sam. To all awesome attendees, you made this a real success!!!


This workshop was included as part of the Charles Darwin University Research Enhancement Program (REP), from which PhD students can be benefited as they need to attend a number of these during their candidature.

The first day of the workshop May 12, we had the first Darwin COMBINE meetup, where all attendees were welcomed plus all other interested in Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. It was a great night, not only for the time to bond but also cuz Sam got us free drinks 😉

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