13th Annual Winter School in Mathematical and Computational Biology


Winter School is designed to introduce bioinformatics, mathematical and computational biology to advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students, postdoctoral researchers and others working in the fields of biology, mathematics, statistics, computer science, information technology, complex systems analysis, and chemical and medical sciences and engineering.

Winter School is structured to present one important topic each day. Each consists of a mixture of extended lectures by national and international leaders in their fields, software demos, and interactive discussions. Themes for this year’s Winter School include: Next generation sequencing & bioinformatics; Bioinformatics methods, models and applications to disease; Advanced bio-data visualisation; and Ecogenomics.

Highlights this year include presentations by Prof Burkhard Rost, President of the International Society for Computational Biology since 2007, and Prof Edward DeLong one of the founders of the field of metagenomics. COMBINE will also be featured in a talk at the Winter School this year.


Where: University of Queensland, Brisbane

When: 4-8 July, 2016

Twitter: #UQWinterSchool

Click here for more details… (http://bioinformatics.org.au/ws16/)


Coming to UQ Winter School? Don’t forget to check out our R Software Carpentry:


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