Senior Research Fellow Position in Microscopy and Computational Biology, University of Melbourne

Research Fellow/ Senior Research Fellow (Level A/B Academic)

A Research Fellow is sought to join an Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship Program led by Professor Leann Tilley. The vision of the Laureate Program is to develop sophisticated and integrated bio-metrology (measurement) methods to study a complex cellular processes in the malaria parasite. The position holder will help provide direction for the Program and will work with a team of experts to develop and implement novel imaging methods, biophysical techniques and computational studies that will enable, for the first time, whole organism mapping and modelling of malaria parasites. The Program will work as an interdisciplinary collaboration for high-resolution bio-imaging and computational modelling. The position holder will work with colleagues from the Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Maths and Stats and from the School of Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

The host laboratory is situated in the Bio21 Molecular Science and Biotechnology Institute, on the Melbourne University Campus.

Primary Objectives:  The Level A/B research-only academic is expected to contribute to the research efforts of the Laureate Program and to develop his/her research expertise through the pursuit of defined projects.

In particular, the position holder will:
1) Develop high resolution optical microscopy and electron microscopy methods
2) Apply these novel imaging modalities to studies of malaria parasites
3) Work with colleagues to develop mathematic models of the malaria parasite at different length scales from individual proteins to the whole organism
4) Use this information to solve critical questions about malaria parasite biology and to help design new antimalarial strategies.

A full position description is available by contacting Leann Tilley:

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