Convergence Science Network – Opening the Vault: What goes on behind-the-scenes at VLSCI?

Have you ever wondered what actually goes on inside Melbourne’s universities, research institutes and hospitals? What are those white-coated people working on? Do they all even wear white coats? Why is their particular piece of the puzzle important?
The Convergence Science Network’s Opening the Vault series offers a rare opportunity to explore this world and hear about the exciting things that are happening when you bring biomedical researchers, engineers and physical scientists together. Meet the people who are leading the new way of thinking about health and medicine. Learn about the challenges they are solving and how their approach is making a difference. Hear about the new types of laboratories and research approaches that will underpin many of the advances that will be reported in the media in coming years.”

First event of the series featuring: The Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI) Facility.

Join VLSCI staff and high-profile user, Dr Amanda Barnard, to hear about how this Victorian Government-funded facility is keeping our researchers at the cutting edge in their fields. Since the sequencing of the human genome, bioinformaticians such as those at VLSCI have become the new collaborators in the search for new clinical and pharmaceutical applications of this powerful technology.
Also, access to VLSCI systems has helped CSIRO’s Dr Amanda Barnard become the first woman to be awarded the Feynman Prize for Nanotechnology (2014) as announced in May. Amanda analysed decades of big data on tiny nano-science, gaining insights that might one day lead to extraordinary, life-changing products such as self-cleaning surfaces, fuel cells for harnessing energy, printable inks that conduct electricity, and new drugs to cure life-threatening illnesses. At VLSCI, there is lots of medical research being done, but there is not a white coat in sight. Join us to find out more.

Where: LAB-14, Ground Floor, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton, Victoria
When: Thursday, 16 July 2015 from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM (AEST)
What: Opening the Vault – A new Convergence Science Network Initiative, get a behind-the-scenes view in Melbourne’s top research institutes – first up, VLSCI


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