COMBINE Seminar on Systems Biology, followed by Social Event in Melbourne

COMBINE Melbourne wishes to invite you to the first event of the year which will take place on the 26th of March in Parkville: let us come together to learn over a seminar, and network during a social event!

edmundCrampinEdmund Crampin is Professor of Systems and Computational Biology and Director of the Systems Biology Lab at the University of Melbourne. After completing a degree in Physics at Imperial College London and a DPhil in Applied Mathematics at the University of Oxford, he won a Wellcome Trust Fellowship to study mathematical models of heart disease. Edmund moved to the University of Auckland in 2003 to continue this work, where he established the Systems Biology group at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. He relocated his group to the University of Melbourne in 2013 to take up the Rowden White Chair of Systems and Computational Biology and set up the Systems Biology Lab. Edmund’s research uses mathematical and computational modeling to investigate regulatory processes and pathways underlying complex human diseases. Current research projects include developing mathematical models of heart cells to understand the development of heart disease and computational approaches to study signalling networks and gene regulation in cancer. He also contributes to projects in biosensor design, biomarker identification, and development of computational tools and standards for integrative systems biology, and is a CI in the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology.

The title of his talk is: What is Systems Biology?

Abstract: Systems Biology is a term that is much bandied about. While many commentators agree that it holds ‘great promise’ for biomedical science research, there is no commonly accepted definition of what Systems Biology actually is. I will argue that Systems Biology is an approach to research in the life sciences, rather than a specific methodology or field of application. I will identify several components that I think Systems Biology needs to incorporate in order for this approach to be successful, but which I think are often overlooked by practitioners; and I will illustrate these with examples drawn from our work at the Systems Biology Laboratory at the University of Melbourne.

What: Seminar by Edmund Crampin – What is Systems Biology?
When: Thursday 26th March, 5:15 pm – 6 pm
Where: 757 Swanston St – Harold White Theatre

Following the seminar we will walk to the Prince Alfred Hotel at 191 Grattan St., come and enjoy drinks in the great company of the COMBINE community. Bring your curiosity and your networking boots. See you there!

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