Seminar: Michael Poidinger – Clinicians, Cohorts and Companies: Enterprise Bioinformatics in Singapore, in Melbourne

Next week’s WEHI Bioinformatics Seminar will be presented by Michael Poidinger from Singapore Immunology Network.

When: Tuesday 24th of February  – 10:45am
Where: Seminar Room 1 in WEHI1 – Level 7E

Clinicians, Cohorts and Companies: Enterprise Bioinformatics in Singapore.

ASTAR is a CSIRO like organization in Singapore. The Singapore Immunology Network (SIgN) is an human immunology focussed research institute within ASTAR with the missions of attracting commercial investment, providing improved health outcomes for Singapore, and performing excellent research to enable the first two aims. Much of the data generated in the institute from both academic and applied research flows through my bioinformatics group, comprising disparate high dimensional datasets from a range of instruments. In this seminar I will discuss how I positioned the bioinformatics team to support the SIgN mission, attract investment, and the infrastructure and research we have implemented to deliver insight and empower biologists whilst dealing with different data streams across 30+ ongoing projects.

The two upcoming seminar information:
March 3rd: Christoffer Flensburg – WEHI Cancer & Haematology
March 10th: No Seminar –  WEHI 100th B’day Cake
The full list of speakers for the 2015 bioinfseminar series is at

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