Bioinformaticians – Expressions of Interest to work in the VLSCI Life Sciences Computation Centre (Parkville)




Expressions of Interest to work in the VLSCI Life Sciences Computation Centre (Parkville)

The Victorian Life Sciences Computation Initiative (VLSCI) was established in 2009 to strengthen the life sciences reputation and capability of Victorian institutions by providing a petascale computing facility and research support, outreach and skills development services to take advantage of the exciting new developments in computational biology and bioinformatics.

As many areas of science and biomedicine turn to high throughput technologies, there is a growing shortage in skills and expertise for data analysis, visualisation, modelling and integration. Specific skill sets required include high performance and throughput computation, high volume data management, sophisticated statistical approaches to testing and correlating large, complex datasets, advice regarding appropriate experimental design, and broad domain knowledge and understanding of national and international life sciences data resources.

Based at the University of Melbourne, VLSCI’s Life Sciences Computation Centre (LSCC) has established itself as a central pillar of bioinformatics capability across the largest biomedical research precinct in Australia, providing cutting edge expertise and data analysis, training, development of and access to best practice analysis tools and platforms, community building, and advocacy for external funding opportunities. The LSCC aspires to play a national leadership role in building computational biology expertise, tools and collaborations to contribute to and enable world-class data interpretation and management for Parkville, Victorian and Australian life science researchers. Key objectives for 2015/16 will be: establishing the Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform at the University of Melbourne, further developing existing collaborative relationships with major biomedical research precincts throughout Australia, and forging links with international bioinformatics research centres.

We are seeking exceptional bioinformaticians to help build the capacity of the LSCC and the Melbourne Bioinformatics Platform, joining a well established team of  bioinformaticians. Successful applicants will interact with numerous high profile research groups across Parkville and Victoria, providing advice, collaborative data analysis and support, tool and infrastructure development, and training across a range of bioinformatics and computational biology activities.

VLSCI is hosted at The University of Melbourne, which is responsible for the development and implementation of this high-profile initiative under an agreement with the Victorian Government and all other stakeholders. Appointments will be made through The University of Melbourne.

Employment type: Full-time Fixed Term

Campus: Parkville

Initial enquiries Contact A/Prof. Andrew Lonie ( Please include your telephone number and contact details.

Application process:

Close date: 8 December 2014, 11:55 PM AEST


See all current positions are VLSCI:

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