Job: Computational Chemistry/Computer-Aided Drug Design at Lundbeck, Copenhagen


“We are seeking an enthusiastic and motivated scientist with a broad experience in computational chemistry/Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD), to provide computational chemistry input into the drug discovery programs. You will be directly involved in the drug discovery project teams engaged in proactively using cutting-edge computational chemistry and other in silico and data mining approaches, to impact the success of these projects. You will have technical expertise in computational chemistry/CADD/in silico approaches, both ligand- and structure-based, enjoying and having experience in working with chemists leading to new compound design. In this context, your role will also involve proposing active molecule structures and gaining acceptance for their potential utility with design chemists. You will be responsible for effective delivery of tasks that enable the progression of work for projects and initiatives that you may or may not be responsible for, working as a keen team player, but able to operate independently in an effective, motivated and highly communicative way. Prior experience in developing predictive models (e.g. for hERG, BBB, volume of distribution, LDA etc.), with an understanding of ADME and toxicological readouts/data and endpoints would also be beneficial.”

Please follow the link for more information:

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