COMBINE Australia-wide Wikipedia edit-a-thon



These informal events will bring together students, researchers and mentors to edit articles on Wikipedia related to Bioinformatics, Computational Biology and related fields.

As with our event last year, the audience is both:

– Students participating in the ISCB Wikipedia competition
– Researchers interested in editing Wikipedia articles in their field

Besides being a great chance to hone your skills in science communication, it is also a great opportunity to interact with other researchers and students.

This is your chance to find get in touch with other bioinformaticians and computational biologists both in your city/institute and across Australia.


Edit-a-thons around Australia are being held on Tuesday 9th September between 4pm and 7pm AEST. Check your local venue below for exact times.


That’s up to you! Events currently scheduled for University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, CSIRO North Ryde, University of Adelaide and the IMB.

University of Melbourne
4.30pm – 6:30pm
G08 (Kimpton Room)
Melbourne School of Land and Environment

University of Queensland
4pm – 6pm.
Multimedia room (Level 3)
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Brisbane

CSIRO, North Ryde NSW
4.30pm – 6:30 pm
Ground Floor Conference Room
Building 53, 11 Julius Avenue, North Ryde NSW 2113 (Corner of Delhi Rd and Julius Ave West)

University of Adelaide
4pm – 6pm.
Room 4.21
Santos Petroleum Engineering Building,

University of Sydney
5pm – 7pm
Level 6 Seminar Room,
Charles Perkins Centre

Online – participate remotely
If you can’t attend in person, join in online via the wikipedia meetup page on the day:
Still register, so we can include you the excitement on the day!


Edit-a-thons possible thanks to the generous support of the Australian Bioinformatics Network:


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