Seminar: The Future of Personalised Medicine



DNA-sequencing approaches the 1000-Dollar-Genome milestone allowing for decoding a complete human genome with unmatched speed and at low cost. Increased sequencing efficiency yields massive amounts of genomic data. Analysis of this data eventually enables understanding the role of each DNA segment and its correlation with the risk of developing a certain disease. New drug targets are identified and validated continuously and can be matched with a personalized genetic risk assessment. Access to this information triggers fundamental questions for doctors and patients alike: What are the chances of an outbreak? Are drugs available? What is the best combination of prevention and treatment? In order to provide answers, technologies for discovering novel drugs, for improving existing drugs and for their intelligent use in an increasingly complex environment, will have to be revolutionized. The path from fast and cheap personalized sequencing via genomics big data analysis towards personal prevention and treatment will reshape medicine as we know it. IBM Research works at the forefront of this process: we develop bionanosensor chips for next-generation DNA-sequencing and drug discovery, and we employ supercomputers for life sciences research, genomics analysis and smarter healthcare. We strive to re-invent personalized medicine, the next big thing emerging from marrying nanotechnology, biotechnology and the power of big data. In this talk I will describe IBM’s engagement in biospace research with a special focus on one of our bionanotechnology flagship projects in the drug discovery space which we pursue in collaboration with the Florey Neuroscience Institutes and the Center for Neural Engineering at the University of Melbourne.

When: Thursday 31 July 2014, 4.00 – 5.00 pm followed by light refreshments and networking
Where: Bio21 Institute Auditorium, 30 Flemington Road, Parkville
Registration & Link:

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