MOOCS: Data Analysis for Genomics, by HarvardX

ph525x_edXThis class will be of great interest to those who deal with next generation sequencing or microarray data analysis. It will present real life challenges to put things into context, and introduce data analysis pipelines using the R programming language. Have a look at the video introduction to this course by one of the teachers Rafael Irizarry.

Since those classes can become rather demanding, it can help greatly to meet other students taking the same course to discuss about the material and work on the assignments. For this reason we have created Meetup groups for Sydney and Melbourne, and we invite you to join them if you are taking this class.

Course link:
Starts: 7th April 2014
Estimated effort: 2-4 hours/week
Price: Free with no certificate, starts at $250 to obtain a certificate

This course mentions the following pre-requisites:

Please follow those links to join Meetup groups:



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