Bioinformatics Workshop: Introduction to Python, Shell and Git

Trying to do bioinformatics, but struggling with Python and the command-line environment? Want to try your hand with version control? Then this is the workshop for you!

Researchers spend much of their time wrestling with software, but most are self-taught programmers. As a result, they spend hours doing things that should take minutes, reinvent a lot of wheels, and still don’t know if their results are reliable. To tackle this problem, an international volunteer organisation known as Software Carpentry has been running bootcamps for a number of years now, teaching basic skills for computing like program design, version control, data management and task automation.

For this particular bootcamp, we are teaming up with Melbourne University  ITS Research Services and the The Hacker Within student group  to offer a course specifically for the computational biology and bioinformatics community. These groups have been running Software Carpentry bootcamps at the University of Melbourne since 2013.

Who: This bootcamp is for postgraduate students, post-docs and other researchers in the Australian computational biology and bioinformatics. Participation is not restricted to University of Melbourne people – we’d love to see many institutions represented.

Requirements: Participants are asked to bring a laptop with some specific software packages installed (see link below for more info).

Where: Alan Gilbert Building, University of Melbourne.

When: March 18, 21, 26 & 28, 2014  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

More info: Python for Bioinformatics Bootcamp

Registration: Eventbrite

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