Dr. Tom Conway – Alignment Free Methods For Sequence Comparison

Date: Friday, 28th September, 2012
Time: 3.30pm
Location: Room 103,
Old Metallurgy Building,
The University of Melbourne

Description: Many, if not most, analysis pipelines for sequence data start by  mapping the sequences to a reference sequence. However, there is a
class of techniques sometimes called “alignment free” which work by decomposing sequences in to short fixed length “k-mers”, and then manipulate these as a spectrum or a set to achieve the desired analysis. We will discuss some of these, and also touch on some efficient ways of representing large sets of k-mers.

Dr. Tom Conway, Senior Researcher, NICTA Victoria Research Laboratory
Tom Conway received his PhD at The University of Melbourne, having worked in the area of declarative programming languages. He later worked at Multimedia Database Systems as a senior developer and software architect specialising in advanced data structures and concurrency, and a network delivered video startup Bluebox Devices as a search specialist. He is currently a senior researcher at NICTA,leading the Computational Genomics group, working with various biomedical collaborators to develop efficient and scalable techniques for analysing high throughput sequencing data.

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